Tesoro High School’s Winter Formal 2013

With over 1400 students in attendance, 6 games, 2 carnival rides, an amazing live DJ production setup, and some of the best food ever at a high school dance; this Winter Formal was one for the record books. See the video below to see what I had the privilege of planning with such an amazing group of people.

Website Renovations!

Welcome! It’s been long enough since I updated my website. Today, I decided to get to work and go for a more subtle approach. I hope you all like how it turned out.

PS: Yes, this means I will be blogging more.

Tuts Plus

Have you ever wanted to find out how to make that graphic or vector?
Do you need to figure out how to make an iPhone app for your company?
Need to find out how to make a kick-butt song?
Trying to find out how you can design and code the perfect website?

Well, if the answer is yes to any of those questions, this app is for you!

This app has been designed to pull in all the tutorials from the Tuts+ network and to display them in a easy-to-read mobile format.

Key Features:

Tutorials for:
– Photoshop
– Website Development
– Vectors
– Music creation
– After Effects and More
– Flash and Other Animation Creators
– 3D Graphics & Models
– Photos
– App Creation
– Web Design
– WordPress

Other Features:
– Full multitasking support
– Perfectly sized for viewing on a mobile device

The best tutorial network in the world has now gone mobile, thanks to the great mind of Zachary Christopoulos.

Tesoro HS

The Tesoro app is the first mobile high school app, that is built exclusively for Tesoro High School. This app allows students, parents, and faculty to stay connected with the latest news, media, and event updates for everything happening in and around Tesoro High School. Students are also able to log in and view their grades, classes, bell schedules, upcoming assignments, and much more. Several versions have been developed, including iPhone, iPad, and Android versions. The app is free of charge on all supported devices and was developed for the use of the Tesoro High School community. The app’s release was covered by the Orange County Register (a large county-wide newspaper), CapoTalk (Capistrano Unified School District’s news publication), and Tesoro Press (the on-campus newspaper).

How to Enable Passbook

So we’ve all seen the magic of Passbook, but not very many people have gotten it working.

Many people think that it is just a shell, and that it doesn’t work. It does:


It is quite simple to code for, and I’m sure you can figure out how.

However, if you don’t, you probably want an easy way to enable it, don’t you? Well, our friends at Reagent X Technologies have built 5 passes, one for each category (Coupon, membership, event ticket, boarding pass, and gift card), and they’re available to you, right now!

You can download the passes at the links below:

Store Gift Card


Event Ticket


Boarding Pass

To install the passes, email the files to yourself, an just tap on them. Your email will look like this:


Finally, enjoy your working passbook and remember to share this post!


[Source: Reagent X Technologies]

How to Disable iPad/iPhone Home Button (Kiosk/Store Demo Mode)

A client that I have asked if it was possible to disable the home button for an app that I am currently developing and I decided to tackle the challenge. All it really requires is a correctly configured mobile configuration plist. Now, a lot of people are probably quickly opening the iPhone Configuration Utility to try and figure out how to do this, but for some reason Apple didn’t put the keys required to disable the home button inside IPCU at all! IPCU can’t even install it on the device because of it.

I have included an example plist that will disable the home button and lock your device into the app. If you would like to just test this mobile config without making your own, feel free to use one I have created and uploaded by clicking here.

Once this profile is installed the first app that is launched when the device is rebooted will be the only app that will run until you reboot the device again.

You must reboot(power off, power on) the device after installing the profile for the changes to take effect. To remove the profile from the device, you must plug the device into IPCU and delete it, then reboot the device. Everything should go back to normal.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
<plist version="1.0">
            <string>Disables the home button.</string>
            <string>Home Button Lock</string>
            <string>Zachary Christopoulos</string>
    <string>Disables Home Button</string>
    <string>Home Button Lock</string>
    <string>Zachary Christopoulos</string>

How to Downgrade from iOS 5.0.1 to iOS 5.0

First, download iH8sn0ws Sn0wbreeze Tool.
Then download 5.0.1 and 5.0 firmware for your Apple Device.
Now open Sn0wbreeze and create 2 custom firmwares one for 5.0 and one from 5.0.1.
Open Winrar and navigate into the 5.0 IPSW.
In there there are 2 .dmg files in there. Move both to your Desktop.
Once that is done, leave the 5.0 ipsw and navigate into the 5.0.1 custom Firmware.
In there you will see two dmgs, too. copy their names into a text file, and mark the name of the bigger one. Then delete them.
On the Desktop, where you have saved your dmgs in, locate the biggest one (about 700mb). rename the bigger one as the previous one was called. (the name you marked)
Also rename the smaller one as the smaller file in the 5.0 IPSW was called.
Now leave the IPSW, put your Device into PWNED DFU (Snowbreeze) and click shift restore in iTunes
Select the Patched IPSW and restore.
Have Fun!

How to Fix 4S Battery Issue

After looking at 4S crash logs and such, I have found a fix for the 4S battery issue! If you simply disable iCloud contact sync it should fix the issue. This happens due to a issue with authentication.

iOS 5.0.1 Beta 2 Seeded to Developers

Apple has been pretty busy recently! Just two days after releasing beta 1, Apple has released beta 2 to try and fix even more battery life issues.

The update is know as build 9A404. It comes to try and fix many battery life issues and bring several other enhancements to devices running iOS 5. The latest build is available as an over-the-air update for those with the first beta of iOS 5.0.1 installed on their devices.

Jailbreaking iOS 5.0.1 Beta 1!

iOS 5 has been “pwned” again! Within hours of iOS 5.0.1 beta 1 being released, a tethered jailbreak has been created.

iOS 5.0.1 is currently jailbroken using the latest redsn0w version just by pointing it over the iOS 5 IPSW. Below is the full instructions to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 on all devices running it except iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

NOTE: iPad 2 and iPhone 4S are not supported yet.

STEP 1: Download the required files:

STEP 2: Connect your device, sync it with iTunes then restore to iOS 5.0.1.

STEP 3: Open Redsn0w, click on Extras, then Select IPSW and point it to iOS 5 IPSW file.

STEP 4: Now hit back, then jailbreak and check on “Install Cydia”.

STEP 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to get your device in DFU mode.

After that, let redsn0w do its thing while it installs some exploits on your device. You’ll get white Cydia icon once jailbroken, then you’ll need to make tethered boot to get it working. In future, when you reboot your device, you’ll also need to tethered boot.

iOS 5.0.1 Tethered Boot

STEP 1: Open Redsn0w, hit Extras then “Just Boot”.

STEP 2: Hit next and then follow the on-screen instructions to get in DFU mode.